Scholarships & Aid


Applying for Student Aid

1. Create your FSA ID 

2. Learn about completing the FAFSA 

3. Complete the FAFSA at the link

     You will need:

FAFSA ID (student and parent)
Parents' most recent federal income tax return information
W-2 from employers you worked for in 2021
Social Security Number (student and parent)
Access to the internet

4.  Access the printable "Applying for Financial Aid: 3 Important Things to Remember About the FAFSA" here.

5.  Keep in touch with the financial aid office at your college to ensure your financial aid application is in order and to get answers to any questions you may have.

Arizona FAFSA Challenge:  The Arizona Commission for Postsecondary Education has partnered with The Arizona Governor's Office of Education and Achieve60AZ to promote a state-wide FAFSA challenge in order to increase the FAFSA completion rate within the State of Arizona. Click the link below to learn more.